Go Forth
in Peace
to Him.

Saint Clare’s is a Christ-centred family where everyone is valued and respected. We learn and grow, whilst strengthening our relationship with God and one another.

Together in His love, we can achieve our full potential.

Play, learn and grow together with Christ


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Mary and Martha

For centuries people in the church have puzzled over the Mary and Martha story, knowing that someone has to do the work. The point of this passage, however, is about making Jesus and his word our first priority. Today we come to know Jesus better through prayer, going...

End of a great year

I can’t believe how fast our year has flown. It has been full of adventure, fun and learning. This week we have all reflected on our favourite things we have done and learnt revisiting them for one last time as the group we have been. Good luck to all continuing on...

Our Last Week in Beech Class

What a busy final week we have had! In PE we really enjoyed getting lots of equipment out and creating our own games. We finished off with a game of over arm throw rounders. We have drawn our own sketch maps of school and created a key, discussing routes to our...

Reach for the Stars!

Well Year 6…We have made it. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone and what you have all achieved. We are extremely proud of the young adults that you have become and know that you are ready to go out and reach for the stars!  Remember that we are always here...

Thank you and have a wonderful Summer!

Wow what a wonderful year! Rowan class, we have had so much fun and learnt so much. You have been a delight and we will miss you but we know you will have a wonderful time in year one. Thank you all so much of your cards, presents and kinds words they are very much...

Andy Goldsworthy

The children in Willow class have been exploring the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy and were amazed at some of the different materials he uses in his creations. They looked around our outside area to consider the types of materials they could use in their own art...

Year 5 Taster Day at Corpus

Cherry class have had a fantastic day at Corpus Christi, experiencing a high school day. To start our day, we carried out an experiment with Mr Tootell, in Science. The children enjoyed testing their hypothesis and learning lots of scientific vocabulary along the way....

Sports day 2022

https://youtu.be/Jm7VerKi8e8 What fabulous memories of our sports day 2022  

The Good Samaritan

Goodness our last week this academic year!  This is definitely a week to be a Good Samaritan. It’s a familiar story and is a reminder that we are called to love God AND our neighbour, whoever they might be. In the week ahead there will be times when we can show love...

From the jungle to the sea

This week the children have been travelling from the canopy of the rainforest and savannahs of Africa to the seaside and oceans. We have explored the marina and the wildlife found in the oceans. We talked about planning our journey creating maps inspired by our...


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