Go Forth
in Peace
to Him.

Saint Clare’s is a Christ-centred family where everyone is valued and respected. We learn and grow, whilst strengthening our relationship with God and one another.

Together in His love, we can achieve our full potential.

Play, learn and grow together with Christ



Half term

May Procession 2021

What a lovely afternoon to be able to come together as a school family and pray the rosary as part of our May Procession.  As a school, we did rise to the occasion, with everyone taking part with real reverence.  Fr Andrew reminded us of the many journeys that Our...

May Procession

Join us virtually for our May Procession, today at 2pm.  

We all need a little help from friends!

In Sunday's Gospel, Jesus is talking to God. In his prayers, He is asking God to help the disciples, help them follow His word, and protect them from harm. Jesus knows that he will be leaving his disciples and that it will be hard for them to be without him. But he...


With the weather set to improve over the next few days, lets get outdoors and enjoy nature. This week's PE challenge is a Spring Scavenger Hunt. There are two scavenger hunts for you t enjoy below. A simple one and a more challenging one aimed at our older children....

Computing – Data

This afternoon, Hazel class showed that ICT doesn't always have to be done on the computer. We were able to research different locations and their weather to collect data, which we then inputted into our own bar and tally charts. We were then able to look and analyse...

Ascension Thursday

Children in Elder and Pine classes joined Fr. Andrew in church this Thursday, to celebrate Ascension Day Mass. It was such a joy to be able to attend Mass together again on this special day. The children listened with great interest to Fr. Andrew as he shared a piece...

Beech Class Measure Up

We have been learning about measurement in Beech Class this week. The children have learnt about capacity and enjoyed measuring using different amount of liquid to accurately measure in millilitres and litres. In science, the children have used measuring tapes to see...

Year 6 – Viking and Anglo Saxons!

Year six have spent the majority of this week outside. We started the week off with our final bikeability session. I was so pleased to have such positive feedback from the instructors for how well the children listened and responsed to the tasks set – what an...

Worm Charming – the charming of worms

Hazel class have been busy in our Topic lessons learning all about the famous entomologist Lucy Cheesman. Today, we had the chance to become an entomologist and charm some worms in the process. We were lucky enough to have an expert worm charmer visit school and show...


Year 5 have had a wonderful week, improving their safer cycling skills, on the road in our local area. The children have made super progress and we would like to say a big thank you to James, Nathan, Josie and Adrian from Go Velo for their expertise and patience!    ...


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