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to Him.

Saint Clare’s is a Christ-centred family where everyone is valued and respected. We learn and grow, whilst strengthening our relationship with God and one another.

Together in His love, we can achieve our full potential.

Play, learn and grow together with Christ



Year 6 – Anglo Saxon Day

Elder’s Egyptian Workshop

This week Elder Class were introduced to their new History topic for this term.  The Ancient Egyptians!  What an exciting way to start the topic, we learnt lots of amazing facts and have got us all interested in finding out much more about the Ancient Egyptians. These...

Cold outside

This week we have been looking at stories with Arctic animals in and books about being an arctic explorer. We have thought about the winter season, comparing it to the books we have been reading. The children explored the school grounds using a map using their senses...

Turnip soup

What a busy week we have had in Willow Class. The children began the week in mathematics by learning to count in twos, fives and tens. They later used this skill when weighing items using 1g, 2g, 5g and 10g weights. We are continuing to enjoy the story of The Enormous...

Telling the Time, Emailing and Saying No

What a busy week we have had in Beech Class.  The children have really enjoyed their Forest School sessions and our space dance is coming together nicely! In maths this week we have been learning about time; reading and recording time to 5 minutes past and solving...

What is Baptism?

Today, we began to talk about Baptism and looked at items used during a baptism. Later in the day, we visited church and Father Andrew spoke and showed us all of the items that are used during a baptism. When we came back to school, the children were then able share...

Cooking and Woodland Creatures

Working in pairs they followed a recipe to make bread on a stick over the fire. Later in the day, the children used clay to design their own woodland creature, they whittled sticks and explored the forest independently observing birds and creatures under logs....

Year 6 – A blog from Anne and Edmund!

This weeks blog is written by Anne and Edmund…enjoy!  This week we have been looking at one of Shakespeare’s plays, Hamlet. We also looked at the Lion King and we compared the stories and tried to make our own comic version, which will be used to plot our own stories...

Talk Homework 6

At St. Clare’s we recognise the importance of speaking and listening skills.  Speaking and listening underpins all that we do and therefore are the building blocks of learning. In order to develop your child’s speaking and listening skills I regularly set ‘Talk...

Another busy week

This week seems to have whizzed by and has definitely been packed full of learning. In Geography, we have started our new topic of learning all about South America - starting off of by putting our map reading skills to good use, by finding out what countries making up...

Elder’s Electrical Games in Action

https://youtu.be/yDztmEDdG2g https://youtu.be/fr-0eos9fZs https://youtu.be/4ZbMPxBY_rg https://youtu.be/wajyPjlM6jE https://youtu.be/G-T0iDXA9cc  


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