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Saint Clare’s is a Christ-centred family where everyone is valued and respected. We learn and grow, whilst strengthening our relationship with God and one another.

Together in His love, we can achieve our full potential.

Play, learn and grow together with Christ


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This week in willow Class.

On Monday the children explored a variety of objects and considered the materials they were made from. In English we finished writing our own stories about Zog. In Mathematics the children have been solving addition and subtraction problems involving money and...

This week in Beech Class

This week in Beech Class we have been learning all about multiplication in maths, recognising equal groups and solving multiplication questions using repeated addition. In Computing we discussed with Miss D what an email was and the good and bad things about using...

A week in Oak Class – Year 6

This week has just flown by. In class we have continued our preparations for the Advent service, worked on our skills for the sports festival and have launched into our class book - ‘Mary Poppins’. On Wednesday we paused for a moment to think about how so many people...

A week in Cherry Class

Another busy week in Cherry Class! We have been out in the rain, enjoying Forest Schools - working as a team to make a secure home for an egg before carryout an egg drop, following our clay hedgehog sculpting last week. We have been exploring the properties of...

Red Wednesday

It has been another busy week in Elder Class! We have written diary entries about Lila's dangerous adventure to Mount Merapi. The children are enjoying our Philip Pullman novel, The Firework-Maker's Daughter and are keen to find out if Lila finds the gifts to become a...


Last week Cherry class learnt all about hedgehogs and then used their creative side to mold some wonderful hedgehogs out of clay. They also enjoyed campfire toast with their friends. Some children went on a bug hunt and found lots of different woodland creatures. I...

Christ the King!

Yesterday we celebrated the great feast of Christ the King. As we come to the end of the Church year when our gospel readings have mainly been taken from Luke, we hear the account of Jesus' crucifixion. A king crowned with thorns, ridiculed not cheered and crucified...

17th Century Bread

Willow class have continues to look at life in the 17th century and enjoyed following a recipe for 17th century bread..

Size matters

This weeks focus story has been Goldilocks and the three bears. We have been using lots of new vocabulary around size working out what is the tallest / shortest, wide / narrow. We have enjoyed using different tools and resources to measure from rope, tape measures,...

Little pig, little pig let me come in!

What a great week we have had with the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. We have explored different building materials to see what would be as strong as a brick house and worked on using these materials to build using different techniques. Using the traditional...


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