Love is all you need!

Jesus wants his disciples to share his joy. He is a deeply joyful person and here he tells them the way to share this joy for themselves: remaining in his love and loving one another. The love between Jesus and God the Father is mutual. Jesus makes it clear that the way he remains in his Father’s love is through obedience. It’s just the same for us. This ongoing relationship between us and Jesus transforms us from being servants into Jesus’ friends. Jesus gives the disciples one commandment ‘love one another, just as I love you. They are to follow his example of love. To love each other in the same way he loves them. Without this they cannot share his joy, nor can we. This deep and practical love in a community makes Jesus’ love and life a reality to the giver and the receiver. By living constantly in his presence, Jesus is in our midst and through his Word, we become closer as a family and to God.