Doubting Thomas

Jesus appears to the apostles but Thomas isn’t there the first time round and doubts!

Sunday’s Gospel of St John, combines two scenes: Jesus’ appearance to his disciples after his Resurrection and Jesus’ dialogue with Thomas, the disciple who doubted. In the reading, Jesus greets his disciples with the gifts of peace and the Holy Spirit. He directs his disciples to continue the work that he has begun and gives them the gift of the Holy Spirit in order to accomplish this mission.

Thomas, the disciple who doubts, represents us, members of the Church who come after this first group of disciples. We may doubt the news that Jesus, who was crucified and buried, appeared to his disciples. It is part of our human nature to seek hard evidence and Thomas is given the opportunity to be our representative who obtains this evidence. He gives witness to us that the Jesus who was raised is the same Jesus who had died.

We are among those who are blessed for we have not seen and yet believe. Thomas, empowered by the Holy Spirit, went on to spread the Good News to the people of India.

We pray that St Thomas strengthens us with love and faith in Jesus Christ so that we may dedicate ourselves to the cause of the spreading of justice, peace and love to all.