A busy week in Willow

This week in mathematics the children have been looking at and making arrays. Then they tested their counting to skills by counting them in 2s, 5s, and 10s.

During our internet safety day we considered how technology has changed over time and how our feelings can change when we are using the internet. We then decided on adults who could help us whenever we feel worried when using our devices.

This week we thought about food associated with England and made some scones, which the majority of us enjoyed with jam and butter. The children worked really hard attempting their rubbing and rolling skills.

On Thursday the children took part in a cricket coaching session.

We finished our science topics on humans by considering way to stay healthy. We discussed the importance of hygiene and washing our hands. We then thought of the best ways to wash them by caring out a test. Three members of our class got very muddy hands. We then decided that one child could clean their hands with a paper towel. The next child washed them in water and the final child could use soap and water.