A King’s Bones…beneath a car park?

Elder class have been researching the Battle of Bosworth Field (1485) which led to the death of King Richard III and to the crowning of Henry VII, on the battlefield, which established the Tudor dynasty. Working in pairs, we researched this significant battle in Britain’s history using the ipads and non-fiction books borrowed from the library. Together, we found out many fascinating facts, including two young princes being locked in the Tower of London, King Richard III being the last British monarch to die in battle, a king’s naked body being carried to Leicester on a mule and in 2013, the skeleton of Richard III was unearthed, beneath a car park, near Leicester! Key questions we are now considering: How do we know if a piece of information is true? Is everything we read on the internet correct? Could a historical source by unfair or biased in any way? Answers to these questions will help us explore portraits and accounts of Henry VII’s infamous son, King Henry VIII.