A super first week back

This has been a super first week back where we have loved the good weather. Can I please remind everyone to bring a sun hat each day or you can leave one in the hat box.

This week we have continued with our ball skills and talking about teamwork playing our version of cricket ready for our day with our dads next week.

We have been learning through the story ‘The lighthouse keepers lunch’ this week. We have learnt lighthouses are for and heard about the RNLI and what they do in an emergency. Lots of us were able to remember the story and retell it in their own words using lots of new vocabulary. The story has made us think about what makes a healthy packed lunch and what would be good to have in a sandwich. We heard how Mr and Mrs Grinling tricked the seagulls and decided to test two sandwiches to work out whether we preferred jam or mustard on a sandwich. Surprisingly our children really liked the mustard and jam only just won! The seagulls however didn’t agree. We talked about making it a fair test using the same amount of bread and ingredients.