A trip to London to see the Queen

This week in Little Saplings we have journeyed to London on our big red bus. We looked at all the sites recreating them with different media throughout the week even making a large castle den that managed to protect us from the rain. We imagined what we would do if we were king or Queen for the day with some great ideas from going shopping, on a boat and a visit to McDonalds! We thought about parties and the decorations needed creating bunting with Union Jacks and creating mono prints of royal objects. We visited the Tower of London, being very careful not to touch the jewels on the Queens crown only using tweezers to pick them up and making sure the crowns all had the correct jewels on them matching the colour and number. We managed to find the Royal family together in the garden and used them creating different castles and places for them to visit. We talked about the upcoming jubilee celebrations and the different things the Queen and royal family do and was very excited to be asked to participate in the St Clare’s Royal Variety Performance.
Friday ended our royal week joining in the performance, a lovely picnic lunch followed by lots of dancing on the field to a live band. There have been so many wow moments captured to show just a few check out the link below.