A week of water and life cycles

This week we have decided summer has arrived. Our tadpoles have turned into froglets and we are now enjoying watching them jumping around our tank. The children have watched all the stages with great intrigue to each stage of their growth from the frogspawn that first arrived to now. This coming week we will be releasing them into the pond area after building them somewhere to play where they can climb and jump. With this in mind we have been like those little froglets using our large loose parts outside building platforms to balance and jump off and We using lots of tools and resources to see if we can change it. We have measured volume and the height and distance we can squirt it!

As sports day is next week we have been practicing our sports skills. Please make sure your child has suitable pumps or trainers with them. If you are not sure what colour t-shirt your child needs please ask. Parents will be able to come and watch, details will be sent via parent app.