Acting in RE

We have had another lovely week in Hazel class.


The children have enjoyed acting out the story of Mary saying Yes to God’s word – thinking about how Mary was feeling and what she was thinking during the different parts of the story. I think you’ll agree, we have some future Oscar winners in our class!!!

We have also continued to learn about the Victorians. This week, we have compared our school and classroom to a Victorian classroom. The children were able to identify the similarities and differences and saying what they liked and disliked about the different classrooms – the children were shocked to see that the teacher used to have a cane!!!

Ethan – I have enjoyed acting out the story of Mary saying Yes to God.

Joanna – I have really like writing our Stinky Cheeseman stories.

Lana-Mai – I have liked learning about the Victorian classrooms.

Adil – I have enjoyed doing the spelling quiz with Mrs Noonan.

Kaleesi – I have enjoyed practicing our singing for the nativity at the end of the day.

Dominic – I like learning about different materials in science.

Mathew – I like learning about 2D and 3D shapes and creating my own missing shape poster (including shape properties)


Please be reminded that homework is given out on a Monday and is due back the following Monday.

Also, please remember to read each night with your child.