Amazing animals

We have continued on with exploring the animals from colder climates as the weather was definitely a bit chilly! We have had a lot of fun out in the frost and snow over the week from hunting for hidden animals to making enclosures. We did decide that digging for food would be a bit tricky as the ground was very hard.

We made something different on our campfire this week making our own lemon curd. This was a first taste for a lot of our children but something they all enjoyed.

Maths this week has been exploring time and shape. We used mathematical language to compete with each other in completing 4 puzzles in an allocated time and seeing how many jumps or fast we could run to keep ourselves warm. The ice was great fun to break up with our mallets so we could look and find different shaped pieces. We found that when we looked through the ice the bubbles made circle patterns. Looking at the flakes falling was exciting learning about them having 6 sides and being called a hexagon.