An Active Week

We have had a lovely last week in school, however I think we are all tired and ready for a break!

On Wednesday, we participated in a Yoga session – learning lots of strength and relaxation moves – returning back to class energised and calm. This has really complimented all the growth mindset work that we are doing at the moment in class, learning techniques to deal with our reactions to different situations.

Of course today, we have had a fantastic morning celebrating our recent inspection, playing games inside and out. It has been lovely taking time out from our busy schedules to play games alongside the children and have time to chat and have fun. The board games that the children brought in to school seemed very popular and they enjoyed sharing them with their friends.

This afternoon, the weather stayed bright enough for us to have our annual sports day. The children loved taking part in their individual events as well as cheering on their friends. They showed determination and great sportmanship throughout the afternoon. As always we are very grateful for everyone who volunteers their time so that it can run smoothly.

Have a lovely half term break and we see you all back at school on Tuesday 6th June.