Avent Candles and Praying for Peace

In Willow class we made candles as a gift for people during Advent. Two members of our class joined our school choir and took the candles with them when they sang carols at Freckleton Lodge.

This week the children have been exploring using bossy verbs ready for writing instructions. They enjoyed following instructions to make a jam sandwich.

In science the children have been applying their understand of materials by sorting them according  to their properties.

we have continued to practice skills we will need for making our moving pictures. This week we made slides and used them to make Zog fly into a tree.

We have had a great day raising money for CAFOD. The children really enjoyed playing board games together and praying for peace. We discussed how we can sometimes fall out with each other and how many children are suffering in conflicts around the world. The children held two different coloured balls of play dough and thought about someone they may have been upset with or children who were suffering.  We kneaded the colours together as we thought about how we could pray for peace. They said we could love, care, listen, respect and share together. They then looked at the new colour they had produced and ask God to listen to our prayers.