Back to the 90s!

At St. Clare’s we are excited to soon be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our school opening, in November 1971. Each class is exploring a different time period, over the last 50 years, and in Elder class we have been finding out about life in the 1990s. (This has ranged from political leaders and the Channel Tunnel opening to pop groups, films and toys!) Yesterday, we were delighted to welcome Mrs. Flett and Mrs. Breakell back to our school, both of whom taught at St. Clare’s in this decade. They were able to share their memories of what is was like to be at St. Clare’s at this time and the children enjoyed thinking about similarities and differences and how pupils’ experiences have changed over time. We studied photographs of our school and noticed a blackboard in the background on one picture! We were interested to learn about our school’s participation in Preston Guild 1992, the burying of a time capsule in the school grounds in 1994 and how the school marked the 50th anniversary of VE Day in 1995. Our thanks go out to our visitors; it was lovely to have you with us again!