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Posted: 06 March 2018

Hello everybody, I'm going to tell you about our school but mostly our class. So what are we waiting for, lets go!

In class 6 we learn lots of subjects like history, art, English and maths.  In history we learn about the plague. (Don't worry we have medicine for it now!)  In art we learn about famous artists and their pictures.  In English we read lots of books and do lots of fun writing.  In maths we love to learn sums and lots of other things, we always have a challenge at the end of each lesson.

We are a Catholic school so we try and be nice to each other when we're having a hard time or feeling down.  We're working with ACN to help people who have lost their homes because of the war in Syria.

Class 6 has two teachers, Mrs Noonan, she hardly ever shouts and gives us  really fun work!  Mrs Doyle is really funny and has an amazing sense of humour.

We have school Councillors  who make decisions for the whole school, ours are Chloe and Sebastian.

Play, learn and grow together with Christ


By Austin

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