Careers day!

Posted: 23 January 2020

What a wonderful day we had last week. Thank you to all those people who gave up their time to share their wealth of knowledge and different experiences. It was a great opportunity for our children to find out about so many different careers!

It was really interesting learning about the different jobs – Isaac (Year 6)


It really was an inspiring and amazing experience – Jesse ( Year 6)


It will help me to decide what job I could do in the future – Imaan (Year 6)


Each job brings its own surprises! – Sophie (Year 6)


It was a once in a lifetime experience. I loved it! – Josh (Year 6)


It was excellent how they told us about all the different jobs that they had. You don’t just have to have one job in your life. – Dylan (Year 6)


Every job was unique going from jobs I didn’t even know about to well-known jobs! – Jacson (Year 6)


It was fun learning about different jobs. – Roma (Year 6)


It was great how they all loved their job! – Myles (Year 6)


All the information from this afternoon will help me to choose my job! – Catherine (Year 6)


This afternoon was an unforgettable experience! – Kate (Year 6)


Everyone gave us ideas for our future. – Esther (Year 6)


It was excellent that they told us the history behind their jobs and career. – Gabriel (Year 6)


Posted by Mr W Parkinson