Blood Bones and Body Bits – Year 6

I have continued to be impressed with the hard work and resilience that Year 6 are showing, always trying their best and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. Over the past couple of weeks we have had first aid training, an Anglo Saxon information morning, rehearsals for the dance festival, a trip to the Synagogue as well as fitting in the rest of our curriculum! What a range of learning experiences we are having, which the children are approaching with enthusiasm and determination to succeed. Take a look at the pictures of the children exploring the human body, locating and labelling their organs…mostly in the right places!

Below are a few reminders for Borwick Hall – if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me in school 

Drop offOn Monday morning (6th Feb) please can all the children come to school via the playground, through the hall door between 8:45 and 9:00 (with an adult). I will be waiting at a table with paperwork for you to sign. You will also need to drop off any medication/inhalers etc at this point. Children can then say their goodbyes, drop their bags off in the hall and then go up to class. 

Packed lunch – Please can the children bring a disposable packed lunch with them on Monday and a water bottle that they will be able to use throughout the week. 

Equipment – Please remember to look back to the kit list and make sure that the children help you pack their bag so they know what is in it and will be able to recognise their own clothes! 

Travel Sickness – If your child suffers from travel sickness and they take medication for it, please can you drop off their usual medication on Monday morning. (Enough for the return journey and a day out in the Lake District) 

Pick upOn Friday 10th February I will text you as we leave Borwick Hall with a pick-up time. It is likely to be before the end of the school day (approximately 2:15pm) so if the children have siblings in school you are welcome to collect them all at the same time.