Bonfires and Diwali

We have learnt lots this week all about Bonfire Night and Diwali. We learnt all about what we do at Bonfire Night and why we need to keep ourselves safe. We also learnt about Guy Fawkes and his plot to set a fire near the king! We acted out the story and discussed how dangerous Guy Fawkes was. We decided that next week we would have our own Bonfire safely of course with no Guy Fawkes!

We also learnt all about Diwali as we know that Hindu people are celebrating the ‘Festival of Light’ right now. Seoni’s Mummy came in to tell us all about Diwali. She told us about how she celebrates with her family. Seoni’s Mummy also brought sarees and bindis for us to try on.

At the reading meeting I was asked if I would write a sample sentence on the blog to show you how to model reading with your child. So I have created an example below.

The cat sat on the mat.

the is one of the words on the keyring so I would point to the word and explain we don’t need to sound this out because we know what it says it says…the.

cat, sat, on, mat I would remind the child that they know all of these letters and we can sound out the word. Then point to each letter and sound it out c-a-t keep repeating and repeating then clap and see if your child can put the word together. Then move on to the next word etc…When all the words have been sounded out reread the whole sentence to your child so that they are able to follow the story.

I hope that helps explain the process.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Scott and the Rowan Class Team