Cherry Class Home Learning Wednesday 3rd March

Why do we always want what others have?! Jealously is a strange emotion which leads no where. Be happy with YOU! Love YOU! Be the best version of YOU possible!


Remember to join our daily zoom session this morning at 10am. 

During this session I will be teaching our Maths lesson, so be ready with your Maths pack, including your Maths Arithmetic, a spare piece of paper and a pencil. 

Looking forward to seeing you there. 

We have reach the final chapter of our class novel today.
I have attached Ch35 below – I hope you enjoy the ending.

Log on to Purple Mash to access your coding activity for today.

Guided Reading
Read carefully through ‘There’s a Fire in the Forest’ once again.
Refer to the questions and complete them thoroughly, using complete sentences. If there is 2 mark for a question, you will need to give your answer backed up by evidence from the text.
3 mark questions will require your answer with at least two pieces of evidence from the text.

LO: To learn to plan and write a playscript.
Replay the film ‘Soar’. You might need to replay this several times in this lesson. 

Firstly, lets look at features of a playscript:

• Speaker’s names written on the left followed by a colon
• Dialogue written without inverted commas
• Stage directions written in brackets.
• Playscript divided into scenes
• Each scene is introduced
• Characters listed at the beginning
• Use of a narrator to tell the story, give information or comment on the action
I have attached an example text for you to take a look at below – can you find all of these features in the model? 

In today’s lesson, you will be working towards retelling the story by writing a playscript. You will be concentrating on writing the dialogue between characters to tell the story. 
Refer to the planning sheet I have attached below. This planning sheet will help you to record your dialogue ideas and plan for your playscripts. 

You will need to write your dialogue in chronological order to tell the story and in the first person for all characters.
Think about how the characters are talking so you are planning this element for your playscripts. 

Mara: (Whispering) Fly!
Mara: Oh, I’ll never do it! Why won’t they fly? I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
Mara: Ouch! What on earth…a tiny bag?
Lucas: (Breathless) Oh no, oh no, oh no! Where is it?
Lucas: (Gasping) Oh my…a giant! Please don’t hurt me! Stay back, stay back!

Use brackets around the word which indicates how the dialogue is read – this is one form of stage direction (some examples have been attached below). These are not always needed but help the actors to think about how the play should be performed.

Have a think about other stage directions to include – telling the actor what action they should be doing. These also will be in brackets and written in between the dialogue – they can be seen in red in the model. 
Read through and act out your dialogue throughout the writing process to make sure it makes sense and that you are telling the story. 

Once, you have planned your playscript, you are going to produce your own playscript which will run along side the Soar video (see the model below). 

Before you start writing your dialogue, write a short setting description, so the reader knows where it is taking place. 

Maths Arithmetic
Find today’s arithmetic in your pack and complete.


LO: To multiply mixed numbers by integers. 

Watch the video below and then complete the worksheet from you pack. 

Test your knowledge by completing today’s challenge. 


Last week in our History lesson, we were introduced to Inca civilisation and learnt some facts about this period in history. Today, I would like you to watch the video from our last History lesson – you will find this below. 


On a clean page write the date and LO. Please underline.

LO: To sequence the Inca Empire timeline accurately.

Now, I would like to take out the Inca Empire Timeline from your Home Learning pack and complete the timeline.

When complete please stick the timeline in your Home Learning book.

Remember you can refer to the video to help you sequence the events accurately.

Answer the following questions:

  • What type of government was the Inca Empire?
  • What was the name of the ruler of the Inca Empire?
  • What were the four geographical divisions of the Inca Empire called?


What was happening in Britain during Inca rule in South America? Please email Cherry Blog with your answers. I am looking forward to reading your answers!