Come follow me,” Jesus said…..

This week we have talked about following Jesus and how we can show other people that we love the Lord. We have thought of all the ways we can show we are followers of Jesus and are now working hard to do what we say and follow the Lord.  Even Jesus’ closest friends, his disciples, were not perfect, but they always ensured that they worked together for the good of their community. A community that is grounded in love, friendship and honesty is one that can always grow and continue to evolve. We constantly hear stories in the bible about people who have listened to God’s call and become people who have changed their ways to live life as better versions of themselves. We are all trying to do this here at St Clare’s.

Being around school this week, I am looking forward to seeing so many kinds of acts of love and compassion from our children. Not acts that need to be shouted about or witnessed, but acts that have been done so very subtly – not needing to be seen. These are the acts that tell me that our children are trying to bring the Kingdom of God alive.