COP26 how we can all be superheroes for our world

We have been busy this week thinking about what we can do and what we already do to help our planet because we don’t want our wonderful world to become extinct like the dinosaurs! We have decided we can

  • plant more trees, plants and vegetables
  • reuse our plastic not throw it away (our bottle house is coming along nicely. Please keep saving your bottles for us)
  • remember to switch off the taps
  • remember to switch off the lights
  • look after the animals, wildlife and each other.

We realised we do do some of these things but together we can all do more to make a difference.

We have looked at the places different places the people at COP26 came from who are trying to help our world and people who are superheroes helping us in our local community. We even had a visit from a fireman!

While exploring how we can help our planet we thought about the creation of our world investigating light and dark. We heard about Diwali, the festival of light creating diyas and rangoli patterns at our enterance. There was lots of talk about fireworks being used for Diwali and bonfire night where we thought about being safe.

As a group we have celebrated together what we have been learning since opening in September having our family and friends join us to play games and share our favourite food and then to celebrate our schools 50th birthday.