Dens and Trees week

This week has been so much fun. First of all, we got to estimate the height of trees on the field. Then we got to measure the trunk of tress then use a formula to learn how old they were. The children found an Oak tree that was approximately 103 years old and a Silver Birch that was approximately 19 years old. Whilst groups were measuring trees others got to work on their dens. They used their plan that they designed last week to create their dens. The had to have a roof and a seat for Mrs Ladybird (some had time to make Ace a bed too). If you look at the pictures I think you will agree they did a great job. Some children got to toast marshmallows (if they didn’t then don’t worry they will next week) Phew it’s been busy. Check back next week for their final session. Thank you Mrs Ladybird