Easter Sunday

In the Gospel for Easter, we hear the story of the Resurrection of Jesus. Each of the Gospel writers tells the story a little different. We hear the story of St. Matthew during the Saturday night Easter Vigil. We hear the story from St. John on Easter Sunday in the morning. There were guards watching Jesus’ tomb to make sure that no one would steal His body. And there was a big stone that was covering the tomb that was very hard to move. But an Angel came and frightened the guards away and rolled away the stone. Jesus’ disciples came looking for Him. They went into the tomb, but didn’t find Him. All they could see left of Jesus was the cloth that He was buried in.

He had risen from the dead! And, Jesus is risen from the dead.

After rising from the dead on Easter all those years ago, Jesus continues to live forever. Jesus defeated death. He shows us that if we follow Him, we can live forever with Him in heaven.


Happy Easter to you all.