Elder Class Home Learning – Friday 5th March

We would love to see everyone at 9:15 this morning for our very last Zoom session.

There are no new home learning activities set for today. Please use the day to finish off any tasks you have not been able to do or complete since half term. You are able to look back at the blogs you will need to get all your learning tasks up to date. Make sure you have underlined all your learning objectives, using a ruler, and dated each piece of work.


On Monday, please bring your home learning pack into school. You will be using this during the day. Make sure you have the following inside:

  • White Rose Maths booklet
  • Arithmetic Test booklet
  • Exercise book
  • Kensuke’s Kingdom novel (If you have not already sent this back. We really do need every single copy returned please to make our class set again.)

Check you have your name clearly written on your booklets.

If you have managed to fully complete all home learning activities since half term, have a go at some of the creative ideas below – 100 things to do indoors!

Below you will find the answers to yesterday’s World Book Day anagrams. See how you got on!

We can’t wait to see you all next week and have Elder Class back together again. Each one of you is special and important and for us, Monday morning can’t come soon enough! 

Until then, feel proud of all you have achieved at home and be kind to those who have helped you.

Mrs. Brennan, Miss Harrison & Mrs. Harper