Elder Class Home Learning – Monday 28th June

Good morning Elder Class!  I hope you have had a lovely, relaxing weekend and are now ready for our last day of home learning.  We are looking forward to seeing you all in school tomorrow.


We have our zoom session at 9:30am.


We are continuing to read ‘The Settlers’ on Purple Mash.  Today, you will be reading Chapter 4, completing the questions and the SPaG activity.  These activities have been set as 2Dos for you to complete.  I have put the link below for you to access Purple Mash.



In your English lesson today, I would like you to focus on pronouns.  Below you  will find two sheets for you to complete.  You can either print the sheets off or write them up neatly on a piece of paper.

Pronouns 1



You have got your final ten questions to complete today.  You can either print the sheet or write them out neatly on a piece of paper.  Answer these questions with either a formal, informal, bar models, jottings or pictures.

Monday Arithmetic


Please watch the video below ‘Hours, minutes and seconds’ and then answer the questions and problems on the sheet beneath. Remember if you cannot print the questions out, you can record your answers on a piece of paper, with your name on.

https://vimeo.com/546150735 – Video Link

hours minutes and seconds – worksheet


Linking our art work to our History topic (the Stone Age), I would like you to have a look at the PowerPoint below showing you the different examples of the different cave paintings that have been found from the Stone Age.

cave paintings

Your task today is to  create your own cave paintings with any media that you can find around your house.  It could be pencils, wax crayons, paint, chalk or charcoal.