Elder Class Home Learning – Thursday 24th June

Good morning everyone! We hope you are well and ready for a new day of learning!

Remember our Zoom lesson is at 9:30am this morning and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.


This morning, I would like you to carefully read Chapter 2 of our online novel ‘The Settlers’ which is set in the Stone Age. Please use the link below to access Purple Mash. This task has been set as a 2Do for you. (You can also find the story by clicking on ‘Reading’, ‘Serial Mash’, ‘Emeralds’, ‘The Settlers’.)


Once you have read Chapter 2, please answer the multiple choice questions and complete the sequencing activity. Again these have been set as 2Dos for you. I would also like you to complete the SPaG activity up to and including question 4 (Leave question 5). If you are unable to print the SPaG questions out, then please write your answers neatly on a piece of paper, with your name on.


In Chapter 2 of The Settlers, we meet a new character named Red. Your written task today is to write a character description, using evidence from the text (use what can be inferred in addition to what the author had actually stated).

  1. Your first paragraph is to describe Red’s appearance (how she looks)
  2. Your second paragraph is to describe Red’s personality (what kind of person she is and how she behaves)
  3. Next, you need to carefully illustrate this character so that your drawing accurately matches the written description you have already completed. Please label her features and use colours appropriately (if you have them).
  4. Finally, I would like you to write down five questions you would like to ask Red. What would you like to know about her?

Please be ready to share your work and ideas about Red at our Zoom session at 2pm this afternoon.


Please complete the questions on the arithmetic paper attached beneath. Remember it is good to work things out using formal or informal strategies, bar models, number lines, jottings or pictures.

Thursday arithmetic


Today we are continuing thinking about time. Please watch the video below ‘Recap using am and pm’ and then answer the questions and problems on the sheet beneath. Remember if you cannot print the questions out, you can record your answers on a piece of paper, with your name on.


Using am & pm worksheet

Zoom meeting 2pm- Please bring your work from this morning on our new Stone Age character, Red.


In French today we are going to learn numbers 11-20 in French. Please watch both the videos below.



Now I would like you to go onto Purple Mash where three 2Dos have been set for you: Listening Quiz 11-20, Sequencing Quiz 11-20 and Matching Quiz 11-20. The Purple Mash link is below. (You can also find these in Purple Mash by clicking on ‘Languages’ ‘French’ ‘Les Nombres’.)


Finally, test your new knowledge of how the numbers 11-20 are spelt in French with the word search below. Some of you might challenge yourselves further by selecting the second word search without the word bank at the bottom. Bon chance!

French numbers wordsearch