Elder Class Home Learning – Thursday 4th March

We would love to see everyone at 9:15am as we begin our World Book Day 2021 celebrations! Why not join us in your World Book Day costume and give us a ‘virtual’ twirl? Let’s see whose character we can guess! We have a fun quiz planned with real prizes to be awarded when you come back to school next week! See you all then!

Mrs. Harper has set a fun challenge for you today. Have a look at the anagrams below and see how many of the children’s book titles you can work out. Target score:15. Good luck! (Answers will be revealed on tomorrow’s class blog.)

If you enjoyed this, see if you can write an A-Z of children’s book titles or try authors’ surnames. Can you get all 26? That would be impressive!

Now, please watch the video below on creating characters through words and illustrations by author Frank Cottrell-Boyce and illustrator, Steven Lenton. 

Try to get some plain paper, a pencil and a rubber handy. The next video, by Christopher Hart, shows how you can draw a dog step by step. I would suggest you watch the whole video and then watch it a second time, pausing it to help you. Watch it again and again if you like. Have a go! It may be easier than you think and you may even discover a new talent!

Now your spaniel needs an owner. Choose from one of the following two Christopher Hart videos: the first is a cute girl and the second is a studious boy. Again it is probably a good idea to watch the whole video and then watch is again and pause so that you can pick up your pencil and follow along!

Some of you have entered our school’s competition ‘A Book in a Box’. I know Mrs. Bridgeman has been impressed with lots of the entries. The author, Lydia Monks, shows how you can easily create not just one scene, but a whole play of a book, within a box, in the video below. After watching her, perhaps you would like to create your own picture book theatre? You could make some scenery and characters from your own recently written adventure story. How exciting to bring a story of your own to life on a stage! Or try another short story you know well, if you prefer.


A different idea would be to use some of your developing sketching skills to design a book cover for the island adventure story you wrote before half term. Remember to include the title of your story and of course, your name as the author and illustrator. Make sure the cover is attractive and will encourage readers to pick it up!

Humza Arshad and Henry White are co-authors of the Little Bad Man series. In their video below ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, they talk about the very funny book they have written for World Book Day this year, ‘Little Bad Man and the Radioactive Samosa’. This is one of the £1 books available with your WBD voucher this year. The main character in the book finds he has super powers after eating a samosa!!

You could try writing your own short story, based on ‘Little Bad Man and the Radioactive Samosa’. Think of something your character could eat which results in them having a super power of some sort…  Alternatively, if you enjoyed drawing the cartoons with Christopher Hart, earlier, here are two more of his videos which demonstrate how you can draw your own superhero. You could watch them both, then draw the superhero you prefer.

We hope you have enjoyed our ‘arty’ World Book Day this year. If you are especially pleased with any of your sketches, theatres, book covers or short stories, then please bring them to tomorrow morning’s Zoom session. We would absolutely love to see what you have created! Don’t forget answers to the anagrams will be posted tomorrow too. See you then!