Elder Home Learning – Friday 25th June

Good morning! We have made it to Friday already and what a busy week we’ve had!

Our zoom session is at 9:30am this morning. Please bring some paper, a pencil and your smile!


Today I would like you to read the next chapter in our novel ‘The Settlers’. This is chapter 3 and if you click the link below, it will take you to Purple Mash where you will see it has been set as a 2Do task for you. Please read it carefully and then answer the online multiple choice questions which have also been set as a 2Do activity. Next, please complete the sequencing task and remember, if you are unable to print the activity out, please record your responses on paper. Finally please answer all the SPaG questions relating to this chapter.



In Chapter 3 we see that Ash and his mother, River, have opposing opinions as to whether the family should settle where they are or keep moving on. Both characters have good reasons for their point of view. Your written task this morning is to write a discussion text about this issue entitled: Should Ash’s family settle or move on?

Below I have attached the checklist showing all the features we would expect to see in a well structured discussion text. Please look at this carefully to refresh your memory of when we covered this genre in class. Make sure your discussion text has:

  1. Title (given above)
  2. Introduction – Briefly explain the issue and different viewpoints.
  3. FOR – Explain River’s points and reasons for wanting to settle where they are.
  4. AGAINST – Explain Ash’s points and reasons for wanting to keep travelling.
  5. Conclusion – Include what the family is most likely to do.

Discussion text checklist

Remember a good discussion text includes well chosen logical connectives to structure the arguments. Below you will find a Connectives Word Mat to support your writing of the FOR and AGAINST argument sections.

Connectives word mat

Please be ready to share your discussion texts at our Zoom session at 2pm this afternoon.


Have a go at today’s arithmetic questions. If you find one particularly tricky, leave it, complete the other questions and then return to it at the end. Would any of our formal strategies help? Could you draw a bar model, number line or picture?

Friday arithmetic


This morning, we will be studying the 24-hour clock. Please watch the video below (watch it twice if you like!) before answering the time problems beneath.


24-hour clock work sheet

Maths Challenge

Have a go at this challenge and see if you can help the footballer organise his day!

Football Time Challenge

Zoom Session – 2pmĀ  I will be asking people to share their discussion texts from this morning. Please be ready to read some of your work and discuss what has gone well eg use of logical connectives and what could be improved.


This afternoon, we are thinking about:

  • We are the Church
  • The Church is a worldwide community

Firstly, please watch the video below:


Now please read the following:

Church is a worldwide community[4398

I would now like you to write a prayer asking God to help all of those who lead our worldwide Church. Next, see if you can turn this into a piece of artwork. Perhaps you could write your prayer inside a picture of our world and similar to the image above, you could include people holding hands around the world. Or how about writing your prayer as a spiral, starting small in the middle and growing bigger and bigger? (The prayer below has been written as a spiral.) Or, of course, you may have a better idea yourself! Be creative in how you present your prayer! Please bring your artwork into school next week…I can’t wait to see them all!


Have a restful, peaceful weekend and see you all next week!