Elder’s Egyptian Workshop

This week Elder Class were introduced to their new History topic for this term.  The Ancient Egyptians!  What an exciting way to start the topic, we learnt lots of amazing facts and have got us all interested in finding out much more about the Ancient Egyptians.

These are some of the things the children have learnt from Monday’s session.

I learnt that the Egyptians were split into two different kingdoms, the red kingdom and the black kingdom. – Ava

I learnt that the red kingdom and black kingdom in Egypt fought, until the Pharaoh Narmer created peace between the two kingdoms. – Katie

I have learnt that there were over 100 pharaohs that ruled Egypt.  The first was Narmer and the last one was Cleopatra. – Freddie

I learnt that some gods have human heads and some have animal formed heads.  It is also illegal to harm a cat. – Shana

I have learnt that when a pharaoh dies it takes an extremely long time to make them into a mummy.  – Holly

I have learnt about the mummification process and what happens to their organs. – Ida

I learnt that during the mummification process they wrap objects up with the mummy to bring luck to the person when they are with the Gods. – Neal