Elder’s River Trip

Elder class enjoyed a wonderful day organised by the Ribble Rivers Trust to support our geography topic ‘Key aspects of Rivers’. The field trip took place at Savick Brook within Mason’s Wood. Pupils got the opportunity to undertake a ‘Fresh water micro-safari’ to ascertain the quality of the water in the brook by studying the invertebrates living there. The children handled the creatures gently and respectfully whilst observing and classifying them. They also enjoyed a river walk to have a closer look at the natural features of the brook, the plants and wildlife it supports and they learnt lots of facts about the River Ribble and its main tributaries. Back in class, the children got the chance to work on the interactive river table. They thought about how the banks of the river could be strengthened using different ideas and materials. The children tried to control the speed and direction of the water in order to protect farms and villages. The children used a range of technical vocabulary to explain their suggestions eg meander, source, mouth, weir. To complete the experience, the pupils thought carefully about how they could save water and keep it clean; reduce littering and protect habitats. A super day!