Faith Week

This week, we have celebrated Faith Week and have learnt all about Islam. We had had great fun reading, listening to and acting out stories of Prophet Mohammad, learnt how Muslims perform wudu before saying prayers 5 times a day, how Muslim adults and children attend mosque, where they worship Allah, learn the Qur’an and the 99 names for Allah… and so much more.

It really has been lovely for our children and families to share their faith with us this week. Hazel class was even lucky enough to have Muhammad’s mum come into our class to talk about Islam and her faith.

Emily – ‘I liked doing everything!!!’

Kaleesi – ‘I enjoyed writing our job adverts for the castle’

Aisha – ‘When we learnt about Islam’

Muhammad – ‘I loved doing the quizes’

Ethan – ‘I liked doing our spelling quiz’

Ivy – I liked this morning in science when we learnt about animal’s habitats’

Mathew – ‘I enjoyed forest school this week, making my own mud man’

Kiara – ‘I enjoyed our maths quiz’

Joanna – ‘I really liked it when Muhammad Tailor’s mum came in and told us all about Islam’

Dominic – ‘I liked learning about seasons in science, making season wheel’

Charlotte – ‘Designing and drawing my own castle in the style of Paul Klee’