From the jungle to the sea

This week the children have been travelling from the canopy of the rainforest and savannahs of Africa to the seaside and oceans. We have explored the marina and the wildlife found in the oceans. We talked about planning our journey creating maps inspired by our Numberblock friends looking for Hexagon Island.

Our vegetables are coming on a treat this week we’ve been munching on our pea pods. We were estimating how many were in a pod before opening them and checking if we were right. We noticed that the peas were different sizes in the pods and were able to sort them in size order. Now we need the rest of the pods to fatten up so we can eat those too!


Thursday was a great day for us joining in with sports day and this time the weather was perfect. We ran, skipped, balanced and collected a lot of beanbags showing the skills we have be practicing. Well done to our house runners for being the first leg of the school house relay for the last race of what was a great morning.