Funny bones & friends

This week in Little Saplings we have had a great week with our new friend Georgie the skeleton. We have heard different Funnybones stories then retold them in our own way using images from the books and creating story maps.we explored different animal bones and created some fabulous skeleton pictures. We talked about the places the skeletons visited and created our own dark towns. Georgie the skeleton has had a great week with us joining in singing lots of songs about our body and bones although he wasn’t quite able to join in with our yoga poses.

As the skeleton family had their own pet dog we had our first visit from Blu the school dog where we too took him for a walk and threw balls for him to catch. Luckily he didn’t fall over and fall to pieces like in the stories! When we had all had a good run we came back in to share our love of books. I don’t know if Blu was able to concentrate as so many were being read to him at the same time.

Our buddy’s from Cherry class came to visit again this week and their prayer leaders came and shared the prayer and liturgy they had prepared with us. We then went to visit them and shared what e had also been learning about. We look forward  to spending time with them and sharing our prayers.