Getting ready for Easter

Over this half term, Cherry class have been exploring Forces. We kicked started our topic by visiting Corpus Christi, where we carried out a number of experiments in order to determine what a force is. The rest of the topic has consisted of even more experiments, looking more specifically at a range of different Forces. The children have been really engaged in this topic and have loved learning through exploration.

This week, we have really focused on Holy Week and preparing for Jesus’ death. We started off by reflecting on who is God to us? – the children created black out poems and reflected on their responses. On Monday, we also visited Fr Stephen and Fr John Mark, at Church, in order to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It was a very peaceful hour spent in Church, preparing ourselves for Easter. On Tuesday, we looked at The Last Supper. We shared a lovely Liturgy from Mark 10 Mission about this event and then reflected on how the people present at The Last Supper must have been feeling. On Wednesday, we looked at the Crowning of Thorns – referring back to scripture and placing this event in the content of Holy Week. On Thursday, we looked at the Crucifixion – where some members of our class gave a reflection about this.

In amongst all of this, our Prayer and Liturgy this week was based on the theme Love – which we felt was rather fitting for this powerful and eventful week.

Wishing you all a restful and peaceful Easter!