Good Friday

In today’s Gospel, we hear the entire story of Jesus’ Passion.  The Passion of Christ is what we call it when Jesus suffered and died for our sins. He did this to save us from sin so that we can all go to heaven. First, one of Jesus’ apostles, named Judas, does something very bad. He tells the chief priest that he will help them arrest Jesus if they give him money. Next, Jesus celebrates the Last Supper with all of His twelve apostles. This is the very first Mass where bread and wine became Jesus’ body and blood. After they eat, they go to a garden where Jesus prays to God the Father. He wants the Father to take away His suffering and death. But each time He asks, He says to the Father, “Your will be done, not Mine”. Next, Jesus is arrested and questioned by the high priest. They tried to find a reason to put Jesus to death as a punishment even though He had done nothing wrong. They decided to lie and say that Jesus committed blasphemy. Blasphemy is when you tell lies or say bad things about God. And they sentenced Him to death even though He never did that. Before Jesus died, He suffered very much. People who were once nice to Him changed their minds and decided to be mean to Him instead. Jesus was forced to carry His cross up a hill, and then He was hung on it until He died. All of these things took place on the holy days that we’ll celebrate later this week.