Harvest Donations

On Friday the 15th October, we will be celebrating the Harvest Festival, where we will give thanks for all the food we have,  that keeps us  fit and healthy. We are very lucky, but not everyone is. Some people don’t have access to food on a daily basis. The Foxton Centre, in Preston, a homeless shelter, helps provide food for these people. We are going to collect food, to pass on to The Foxton Centre, in order to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Each class is asked to bring in a donation:

Little Saplings-tinned items

Rowan-boxes of cereal

Willow-bottles of cordial

Hazel-multipacks of crisps

Beech-packets of biscuits

Pine-coffee/tea/hot chocolate


Cherry-bars of soap/tooth brushes/toothpaste

Oak-tinned items

We would be very grateful to receive these items in the few days leading up to Friday 15th October.

Thank you,

Ida and Aarav (Elder class council members)