Health and well being

This week we have been talking about our body and what we can do to keep ourselves in good health. We have spent lots of time exercising doing stretching, looking at ways we can balance and move and of course lots of dancing which makes us feel good as well as helps us keep healthy.
We had a visit from George the skeleton who taught us all about our bones and body. We loved practicing saying all the medical names for the different bones in our bodies. We explored the book ‘Funnybones’ with the big, small and dog skeleton comparing those in George, one of us and Blue our school dog. All the children loved our visit from Blue and were very relieved his skeleton didn’t break up when chasing sticks!

This half term the children have all been working really hard being independent with their own dressing and undressing. For the holidays we are setting them all a challenge to get themselves undressed and ready for bed by themselves and dressed in the morning in 3 or 5 minutes. Below are links to the you tube timer countdowns for you to use 😁 I look forward to hearing how everyone gets on.