Heaven and Earth!

In yesterday’s Gospel, Jesus is questioned by the Sadducees. We are told they don’t believe in the resurrection, and reading around I have found that they didn’t believe anything that wasn’t written in the first five books of the Old Testament. They tested Jesus by asking what would happen to a woman who had died but whilst on earth had married more than one person, who would she be married to in heaven?
Jesus explained this was the wrong way to look at things, because our life on earth is not the same as in heaven, because whilst we may die on earth, in heaven, we can no longer die because we are like the angels and children of the resurrection. In some ways, it’s a complicated and confusing story as the Sadducees try to trick Jesus.

Unlike the Sadducees we believe in a God of the living and that through Jesus’ resurrection we will be able to be with Him in Heaven our eternal home. Perhaps the words of St Catherine of Siena will help, she wrote:

‘I have given you the Bridge of my Son, in order that, passing across the tempestuous sea of this life, you may not be drowned. Lord, bring me safely home.’

May we value our time on earth as we look forward to our eternal home in heaven.