Helmshore Cotton Mill

What an amazing week! We had a fantastic trip to Helmshore Cotton Mill this week. We learnt about how children were treated, how the machines developed over time and why cotton was so important to Preston. The children loved their day out. Here are a few of their favourite memories.

Michael: I learnt how people worked and if you were 6 or 7 you had to work.

Hadia: My favourite part was pretending to put out a fire and seeing the machines.

Mylo: I learnt that children had to go near the moving machines.

Sam: I enjoyed feeling the cotton. Pretending to put out a fire was lots of fun.

Tara: I loved seeing the machines work. I loved going to the devil hole because you got to do actions like the machines.

Joshua: I liked watching the machines and when we pretended there was a fire. The cotton was very soft.