Murder mysteries, suspense dramas and even a little scandal! Everything is here from world changing events to deeds of great heroism and compassion.

History helps pupils to understand the process of change, the complexities of people’s lives and relationships between different societies and groups.  It is an exciting subject that should be explored and questioned.  Pupils gain knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and of the wider world and they develop a range of historical skills.  In EYFS children learn about the difference between the present and past in their lives and the lives of family members.  In KS1 they explore chronology, make observations, ask questions, explain and draw conclusions and recognise similarities and differences.    KS2 pupils develop a robust chronological framework, use historical evidence and sources correctly and critically and are able to debate, reflect, discuss and evaluate the past.  Through the study of the past we can understand our place in the modern world and how we can bring about positive transformation for the future. 

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