Home Learning – Wednesday 23rd June

Home Learning – Wednesday 23rd June

Good morning Elder Class! It was lovely seeing so many of you on our zoom calls yesterday.  We have got another day jam-packed with learning.  We will see you all on zoom at 9:30am to start our day off.


This morning I would like you to read the first chapter of our novel on Purple Mash, called ‘The Settlers’.  It is based in the Stone Age era, which we have been covering in our History lessons.  Please use the link below to access Purple Mash.  Once you have logged on, you will find the novel has been set as a 2Do for you.  You can also find the novel by clicking on ‘reading’, ‘serial mash’, ‘Emeralds’ and then find the novel ‘The Settlers’.


Once you have read Chapter 1, please answer the multiple choice questions and complete the sequencing activity. Again these have been set as 2Dos for you.  I would also like you to complete the SPaG activity, if you are unable to print the SPaG questions out, then please write your answers neatly on a piece of paper, with your name on.


Today I would like you to complete your history task before your English as this will help you when you come to completing your English task.  You are to read through the PowerPoint below, discovering facts about Skara Brae, then fill out the sheet answering the questions.  You can print out the sheet, alternatively you can neatly write out the questions and write your answers underneath.  If you are unsure of an answer you can research this.

Skara Brae – PowerPoint

History questions


Now that you have done the research you are to write an advert persuading people to visit Skara Brae.  Think about all the persuasive techniques you have learnt.  Below you can find a poster that gives you some tips on the persuasive techniques.

Persuasive techniques


Please complete the questions on the arithmetic paper attached beneath. Remember it is good to work things out using formal or informal strategies, bar models, number lines, jottings or pictures.

Wednesday arithmetic


Please watch the video below ‘Recap telling the time to the nearest minute’ and then answer the questions and problems on the sheet beneath. Remember if you cannot print the questions out, you can record your answers on a piece of paper, with your name on.


telling the time to the minute

Zoom at 2pm

You have had a busy day working hard.  I am looking forward to seeing all your amazing work at our zoom call at 2pm.  Please bring with you all the work that you have completed and any questions that you need answering.

Well done Elder Class for all the hard work whilst at home! We are extremely proud of you!


Here is the PowerPoint that I used in today’s zoom lesson for the reading and arithmetic answers.

Stone Age reading PowerPoint