How can we…….?

How has been the word used most this week. For our preparations for travel we have explored lots of modes of travel thinking how we could best get to different locations from to London to see the queen, Nigeria to see Granny and Gramps and back to India to see the elephants. We have used our senses of sight working out different modes of transport through moving fog and jigsaw pieces on the the computer and our hearing guessing what transport sound we could hear.
Our next step has been thinking about where we would like to travel if we could go anywhere in the universe. For this we are have our own travel agents and are creating our own passports.

The sunshine this week has been glorious and we have loved spending lots of time in our garden preparing for sports day and using lots of our maths skills, pattern creating, working on capacity, number sorting and hunting jumping numbers.

There have been lots of conversations over the special people in our lives particularly our Daddy’s and all they do for us and others. We had a great afternoon when we invited them to come and join in our fun. Happy Father’s Day to you all.