St Clare’s is a Christ-centered family where everyone is valued and respected. We learn and grow, whilst strengthening our relationship with God and one another. Together in His love, we can achieve our full potential. Play, learn and grow together with Christ.

At St Clare’s we place great importance on Human Relationships and Sex Education. We strive to guide the children to take responsibility for themselves and others in our Parish communities and the wider world. Children are encouraged to think deeply and reflect upon the choices they make and how these choices will affect others.

Children are supported to gain the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives whilst becoming informed, active and responsible citizens. We pride ourselves in being a listening school where the views of all, make a valuable contribution to the work we carry out. Our School Council is proving to be a valuable vehicle through which children can express their views and take small steps, to make big improvements.

Sex Education will not be treated as a separate “add on” to the curriculum. In general terms, across the whole range, the school will aim to ensure that the children’s needs for the following are met:


  • The need for appropriate facts, language and information for an understanding of their own body, its development and that of the opposite sex.
  • The need for honesty in answering questions, if and when they occur, in a factual manner appropriate for their age.
  • The need to develop an understanding of themselves as valuable and worthy of respect.
  • The need to develop respect for others.

At Saint Clare’s Catholic Primary School we are inspired by Jesus to be the very best we can be. We look after one another and show respect and love through our relationships with one another. Jesus is invited into our hearts. In the Beatitudes, Jesus invites us to lead a full life with him by explaining what makes people blessed or happy. This is about understanding how loving our neighbour enables us to be happy too. Therefore, having a good relationship with ourselves and the other people in our lives makes us grow and flourish and we respect that everyone is a unique and beautiful part of God’s creation. We are all children of God, called to grow in love for him through the person of Jesus Christ and to spread the Good News through the action of the Holy Spirit.

Sex Education in the school will be set against the backdrop of the Church’s teaching and cited within the context not only of the child’s physical and emotional development but also within that of their spiritual and moral growth.

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One World Week – Year 6

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