Jim, Jack, the big bad wolf and a Beanstalk!

WOW what a week of measuring we have had. After hearing various versions of the traditional Jack and the beanstalk we have been busy measuring in lots of different ways. We have measured lots of different parts of our bodies using strings of beads, multi link cubes, measuring tubes, rulers and even a giant tape measure sent to us in a package from the giant himself! We used language of size talking about things being taller/shorter, wide/narrow, biggest/smallest. We then ordered our feet from smallest to the biggest.

We have explored capacity as the giant had sneezed leaving a huge amount of snot in our outside area 😳 We used various containers talking about them being empty, half full, or full and if different sized containers could hold the same amount. Whilst talking about capacity we read the story of the Magic porridge pot. As Willow class have been working on the same story we invited them to join us at our campfire this week and we made a huge pot of porridge to share with our friends.

In one of the stories the giant wanted to eat the boy as did the wolf in Fe fi fo fum we decided that boys wouldn’t taste too nice so have expanded our veg growing patch as we think maybe they need some fruit and vegetables in their diet. This has meant lots of digging and working together to build another bed.