In our RE lessons this half term, we have been learning about Moses and started exploring the ten commandments given to him by God on Mount Sinai. Judaism is related too Christianity and Islam and in Elder we have been discussing the Holy Book – Torah and learning about the connections with other faiths. Amy came into school to speak to the children about Judaism and we learnt a Hebrew prayer. The children wrote the Shema prayer in Hebrew and learnt the meaning and the importance of prayer. Using our mathematical skills and deciding on a scale, in groups, the children designed a timeline placing key dates on a timeline. Some important events included Abraham, when Moses received the ten commandments and the approximate birth of Jesus. Many questions were asked during this session, for example how many years after Moses received the ten commandments was it until Jesus’ birth? Why are the ten commandments so important? The children then researched their questions and we discussed these questions together in class. This lesson definitely involved deeper and critical thinking!

We also read the story of Cain and Abel and talk about the theme of jealousy and time we might feel jealous. Some children retold the story using Lego, whilst others retold the story from Genesis 4:1-16.

As always it been a busy week in Elder Class.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Clack