Learning about Diwali and Magnificent Maths!

On Wednesday we were very lucky to have Seoni’s Mum come into class to talk to us all about the festival of Diwali which was celebrated last week.  We listened to the story of Diwali and then how it is celebrated over 5 days.  The children loved looking at all the things that Seoni’s Mum brought in and the girls particularly enjoyed trying on saris! Mrs Doolan and Mrs Mallett even got to dress up too!

Thank you so much for coming in!

This week has been Maths week across the school.  The children in Beech Class have been learning all about measures.  We have measure using centimetres and metres and also begun to look at measuring mass in grams.Our class number that we had to investigate was 7 and we enjoyed finding 7 in the environment and making 7 in different ways.

Well done Beech Class, what a great week!