Life cycles and wildlife

It’s definitely been a week of wildlife in Little Saplings between worms, birds outside and the much anticipated hatching of our chick eggs!
The childrens passion for worm hunting has been great this week with lots of discussion on the size of the worms they have found hunting for things they will like to eat and making new homes for them creating some lovely worm friendly conditions. As spring seemed to have sprung we have heard and seen lots more birds in the outdoors listening and looking for different types. It was lovely when one of our children was able to share their bird knowledge with us making comparisons to what we could see and their budgie ‘Mango’.

Thursday was when the excitement really grew as the first of our eggs in the incubator started to hatch. We were lucky to have been able to listen to them with a stethoscope while still in the egg and then compare the sound later after hatching. We talked about our careful prepping and the countdown in days to their hatching. There will be two chicks brought back in for next week before they go to their permanent home.