Listening and attention

This week started with a number of questions about what our children had seen and heard about the queen and king. We talked about the royal family and that of our own. We have been working on our listening and attention skills with our main book being ‘Once there were giants’. The book is all about the thoughts of baby growing up until she too has a baby and then she becomes a giant in her house. We listened to all our friends talk about their family who live with them, are close by and some who are far far away.
Our other book this week has been ‘A chair for baby bear’ which we had a lot of fun with including having lots of bears running about preschool and playing listening games to see if we could recognise different sounds we might hear at home.
Thursday was our first camping day of the year with rain! Rain most definitely doesn’t spoil our fun we are all dressed for it and can learn so much especially from the puddles 😳 We used lots of muscles jumping, running, brushing and drawing it was definitely a night we all slept well.