Welcome to everyone to Little Saplings, My name is Mrs Ronson and I will be working with our children with Miss McCann. We are excited to have our first preschool group join us at Little Saplings and are looking forward to sharing a great year with you all.

Through the activities and organisation of the classroom, our children will be active participants in their learning selecting resources and materials, planning from their interests and current knowledge. Through talking with our children, we seek to accomplish the goals of our curriculum and give your child a successful start in their learning journey.

‘Goals for preschool’

The most important goals of our preschool curriculum are for children to get along well with others and become enthusiastic learners.  We want children to become independent, self confident, curious learners who can work well with others.  We’re teaching them how to learn, not just in preschool, but all through their lives.  We do this by creating purposeful and productive play experiences that help children grow in all areas.

Our curriculum identifies goal in for areas of development:

Social/Emotional: to help children develop independence, self confidence and self control, follow routines, make friends, learn what it means to be part of a group and how we can help and support our communities and world around us.

Physical: to increase children’s large muscle skills – balancing, running, jumping, throwing, and catching – and use the small muscles in their hands to do tasks like buttoning, stringing beads, cutting, drawing and writing.

Cognitive: to acquire thinking skills such as the ability to solve problems, to ask questions, and to think logically – sorting, classifying, comparing, counting, making patterns, using materials and their imagination to show what they have learned.

Language: to use words to communicate with others, listen to and participate in conversations with others, beginning  to understand the purpose of print and begin mark making for a purpose.

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