Living Water

What would you like to drink? tap, bottled, sparkling or living water? Today in John’s gospel we hear the story of the woman at the well whose meeting with Jesus changes her life. As a Samaritan woman, she was surprised and confused because Jews and Samaritans never normally had anything to do with each other. She was even more surprised when she found out Jesus wanted to talk to her and offer her living water that would bring eternal life. After her meeting with Jesus, she was full of joy and raced off to tell others she had seen the Messiah. Others came and found out for themselves, believing not only because of what the woman told them but because of their own meeting with Jesus.
The Gospel story has lots of messages for us today. Well, we know that God wants everyone to hear the good news of Jesus, and we can share that with others, whoever they might be. When Jesus fills our insides, it allows us to serve and share with other people. We also know that Jesus will satisfy our needs. We know we need to drink water every day in order to survive. Well, we also need the love of Jesus in our lives every day. We connect with that by reading and hearing God’s word when we go to church, living in His presence, and of course by praying! Let’s ask God to help us share His love with everyone we meet.