Love One Another

What a great week we have had! We kicked started the week by beginning our new computing topic – the children have made a great start at creating a power point all about South America. We have been learning all about South America and the Amazon Rainforest, in lots of different subject areas and we are now collating that information and celebrating all that we have learnt.

In Geography, the children have been researching the layers of the rainforest – looking at the diverse and huge number of animals and plants that can found there. In Art, the children have been looking closely at the rainforest leaves, developing their sketching skills to draw these in their art books. In science, we have been taking a closer look at animals, comparing the gestation periods of a range of different South American animals.

They will be a South American fountain of knowledge by the end of the year!!!

In RE this week, the children have been thinking deeply about the importance of the Eucharist and how through receiving the Eucharist we can become closer to Jesus and grow in our image of Him. Finally, the Prayer and Liturgy theme this week was Love. The final message from the group was to remember Jesus message – ‘To LOVE one another, as I have l LOVED you’ – a perfect message to finish the week.

Have a lovely long weekend.